Walking, sitting, meditating, and relaxing in a space having peachy pink color walls and floor, with a soft dim light all Himalayan salt room around can be one of the […]
Himalayan pink sole water­- A miraculous drink: The word “sole”, pronounced “so- lay” is a saturated blend of water and Himalayan pink rock salt that carries therapeutic features, beneficial for […]
The use of Himalayan salt products for home décor in Australia is getting immense popularity which is justified by the beauty and the tremendous healing properties of these products. Because […]
As Himalayan pink salt is load with minerals and nutrients, its health benefits can never be question. However, if you are still confuse about the health charms it offers, this […]
Salt undoubtedly is one of the world’s most significant food ingredients. Without it, most foods would appear to be tasteless and unattractive. Not all salts are equal in their attributes. […]