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Best Himalayan Salt Bulk Exporters

786 Enterprises is a pioneer in Himalayan salt bulk providers. One of the 15 companies that own their mines of Pink & White salt. As premium manufacturers of pink Himalayan salt in bulk, we do not compromise on the quality and integrity of our products.

The proof of this is our extensive clientele to whom we export to over 50 countries and growing every day. Our clients include a whole variety of wholesalers, importers, and brands. 786 Enterprises is a staple of premium quality and our uncompromising behavior towards it is the reason why our clients trust us.

Our highly qualified team of experts is at your service and available 24/7 to assist you with inquiries, deliveries, and any questions you have. We also give full support to valuable customers all through the shipping experience and have a very strong after-sales service of organic pink himalayan salt bulk for your convenience.

About Us

One of the Best Himalayan Salt Bulk Exporters

786 Enterprises, the authentic source of premium quality bulk Himalayan Salt products. We have become one of the largest Himalayan salt wholesalers with our excellent quality products. Being in the industry since 1999, we have expanded our presence in over 40+ different countries including the USA, UK, South Africa, and more. Currently, the company serves more than 90 businesses. Our long list of satisfied clients is evidence of our success.

Mines of Pink Himalayan Salt in Bulk

786 Enterprises is a pioneer of rock salt mines. As Himalayan salt bulk exporters, we obtain Himalayan salt from our own mineral reserves. We have a modern facility equipped with the latest state-of-the-art machinery for processing raw salt. 786 Enterprises own two factories. Certify the availability of the finest and minimally processed Himalayan salt. That’s why we have been claiming we are the best Himalayan salt Manufacturer.

Certified By
Our Process
We use Hand-picking and harvesting techniques to obtain the salt from our reserves. No chemical refinement takes place by any procedure.

Some of the quality checked batches of the pink salt are then ready to send to the crushing area. Where the crushing and grinding of large chunks into flakes takes place.

The salt then passes through a quality check process to ensure that we produce premium-grade salt to export all over the world. And carries a balance of flavor and nutrients.

Pink Himalayan Mineral Salt

This process takes place to deeply analyze every grain of salt. Consequently, it removes all extra particles before the production.

We do customized packaging for our customers. Our packaging bags have a high-quality material. The quality bags keep the salt fresh and moisture-free.

786 Enterprises serves its customer with the best quality organic Himalayan salt. Which mines from ancient and world-famous mines. 

Industries We Engage

Edible Salt Manufacturing

Salt Decor Products

Wholesale Distribution


Industries We Engage

Edible Salts Manufacturing

Salt Decor Products

Wholesale Distribution

Industrial Salts

Where to Buy Bulk Himalayan Pink Salt?

You can contact 786 Enterprises to buy bulk Himalayan Pink Salt. We’re Himalayan salt wholesale exporters. You can import our salt products worldwide including the USA, UK, ZA, and more.
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