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Your Only Reliable Himalayan Salt Bulk Export Partner Since 1999

Welcome to the Realm of Pure Himalayan Salt!

24 Years of Excellence in Mining, Manufacturing, and
Supplying Himalayan Salt Rock Salt Products.

As the leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Himalayan salt in bulk, 786 Enterprises take pride in delivering premium salt products to our valued clients. With our own Pink & White salt mines, we make sure that the quality and integrity of our offerings always remain unparalleled.

Our vision is simple yet ambitious – to provide you with the best Himalayan bulk salt that meets international standards. We believe that quality should never be compromised, that’s why we strive to exceed expectations with every shipment.

With a track record of quality assurance and timely delivery, we have successfully expanded our presence to over 50+ countries on all continents. Our client base includes more than 300 Himalayan salt wholesalers, importers, and renowned brands worldwide.

Trusted for premium quality, our unwavering commitment earns client trust. Available 24/7, our team assists with inquiries, deliveries, and questions. With high production capacity and bulk packaging, you can enjoy premium Himalayan salt products in the quantities you require.

Also, we provide comprehensive support throughout the shipping experience and have established a robust after-sales service for your convenience. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Join our ever-growing family of happy customers and discover the extraordinary benefits of Himalayan salt.

100% Quality Assurance: We Own the Mines of Pink Himalayan Salt

786 Enterprises is a leading Himalayan salt wholesaler and owns the mines that produce the finest pink Himalayan salt. We meticulously extract the salt from our reserves with state-of-the-machinery, refine it in our factories, and export the highest-quality Himalayan salt in bulk to our clients worldwide. Trust in our expertise and commitment and discover the impact our ownership of pink Himalayan salt mines makes.

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786 Enterprises: A Trusted Business Partner for your Brands, Food Industry, and Wholesale Ventures

There are more than 50 countries where we export our pink Himalayan salt and other salt products. Our clients trust us because of our principles of quality, integrity, and unparalleled support. So, we invite you to choose us as your trustworthy Himalayan salt wholesaler and discover the best quality Himalayan salt for your business!

Certified By
Our Process
We use hand-picking and harvesting techniques to obtain the salt from our reserves. We are proud that we don’t use any chemical refining methods at any stage in our operations.
After rigorous quality checks, batches of the pink salt are then prepared to send to the crushing area, where the crushing and grinding of large chunks into flakes takes place.
Again, the salt passes through a quality check process to make sure that we can export premium-grade Himalayan salt to the world.
Pink Himalayan Mineral Salt
This process takes place to analyze every grain of salt deeply. Consequently, it removes all extra particles before production.
We do customized packaging for our customers. Our packaging bags are made of high-quality material and keep the salt fresh and moisture-free.
786 Enterprises serves its customers with the best quality organic Himalayan salt from ancient and world-famous mines.
Industries We Engage

Edible Salt Manufacturing

Salt Decor Products

Wholesale Distribution


Industries We Engage

Edible Salts Manufacturing

Salt Decor Products

Wholesale Distribution

Industrial Salts

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