A useful Himalayan salt lamp size guide with benefits/advantages

Himalayan salt lamps are the great hand-crafted chunks of Himalayan salt that carry all its benefits with them. These magical pieces of salt with a beautiful glow are famous in the world. They not only add beauty to a place but also purify the surrounding air. These bright salt chunks with attractive shapes have a bulb inside that gives off a warm amber glow. The warm glow gives a beautiful look and purifies the air by releasing negative ions.

Himalayan salt lamps look so alluring and attractive that you can place them anywhere in your house like, bedroom, living room, library, and kitchen. You can also keep them in your office to kill stress-causing positive ions. The lamps also look classy when you place them in spas to create a soothing environment. That is why the salt lamps are available in many sizes, shapes, and colors to fit any place you want.

So if you want to get benefit from the tremendous features of Himalayan pink salt lamps, and planning to bring them for your home or office, or any other place, this useful salt lamp size guide will help you choose the best.

What is the best size of the Himalayan salt lamp?

The first thing you should keep in mind before buying the lamp is that you are purchasing it from a genuine seller, and it contains 100% pure Himalayan salt.

786enterprises are the manufacturers and suppliers of pure Himalayan Salt Lamps. Contact us today to get the best quality salt products.

Also, to get all the health and decorative benefits of the salt lamp, it is necessary that you buy the right size and shape that suits you most. Himalayan salt has a variety of weights that may range from 1 kg to 50 to 60kg. The big-sized lamps are more radiant and give more light as compared to the smaller ones. So if you want to keep a lamp in your bedroom, you should choose a smaller salt lamp as that would be enough to provide a nice glow to enlighten the room. Similarly, a big area, whether a living room or office, will require a large lamp to have enough light.

Our special oversize lamps

Himalayan salt lamps weighing 5kg or more are considered oversized. High-quality big lamps, having pure salt is difficult to find. You can contact 786enterprises today to buy original, oversized lamps. We have them in beautiful eye-catching designs that look mesmerizing and create pure surroundings. Our creative and hardworking artisans carve them beautifully in pretty shapes. The oversize salt lamps carry all properties of pure Himalayan salt so that you can enjoy a beautiful ambiance with healing advantages.  Some of our considerable and popular oversize Himalayan salt lamp shapes include

Himalayan iconic salt crystal umbrella lamp

These large crystal pink salt lamps with beautiful umbrella shape look incredible. They are of premium quality and durable. These umbrella-shaped lamps also have a diffuser for you to create a pleasing aroma in the surroundings. Just put your favorite oil like lavender, rose, or spruce with water into the diffuser, and you will love the scent giving a pleasing effect.

Himalayan natural salt lamp

We bring large lamps for you in some natural, eye-catching shapes. They look fascinating and create a relaxing ambiance. Our range of natural salt lamps includes oversized lamps weighing 20kg – 50kg and even 100kg. You can choose any size according to the available space.

Fire bowl with salt chunks

Our 100% Pure and authentic, big Himalayan Fire Bowl Salt Lamps with salt crystals chunks look beautiful and attractive. They are natural ionizers and purify the air from bacteria and dust particles. Therefore improve the quality of the air we inhale.

What size of salt lamp do I need for my room?

As discussed above, the size of the salt you buy entirely depends on the size of your room. You must purchase the right size to enhance the look of your room.

To be more specific, if the size of your room is 4x4m, the salt lamp weighing 3kg to 4 kg will be the best choice.

Space like a 10m x10m room, living area, yoga room, spa, office, or lounge will look great with a large-sized lamp that weighs 20kg or more. Whatever size of the Himalayan salt lamp you have, the benefits of the lamp will be the same.

Now have a look at the chart showing our recommended sizes of lamps for specific area sizes.

4mx4m – 3kg lamp

6m x 6m – 7kg lamp

8m x 8m – 10kg to 12 kg lamp

You do not need to bring one lamp for a particular place. However, you can also purchase two by dividing the recommended weight. If your room is 8 x 8m, a 10kg salt lamp will be a better choice. However, instead of buying a single one, you can have two, each weighing 5kg


Another factor that you should consider while choosing the right size of the lamp is how much light you prefer in your room. Our big-size lamp, which weighs 60 kg, has a 25-watt bulb and it will not be a good idea to place it in your bedroom. It is better that you keep it in the lounge or living area.

Are Himalayan salt lamps safe to leave on all night?

Yes, you can leave salt lamps on all night. It is a common question that people having salt lamps do ask. Lets us tell you that it is entirely safe to keep your lamp on 24/7. It also acts as a night light by setting the light too low. The bulb in the lamp does not get hot enough to melt the salt or damage the base.

Just be sure that you are purchasing the Himalayan pink salt lamp from an authentic source. Because it ensures you get maximum benefits from the salt lamp and also allows you to leave it on whole night.

Do Himalayan salt lamps kill viruses?

No doubt, pure Himalayan Salt lamps cleanse the air by removing dust particles, allergens, dust mites, and many kinds of bacteria, viruses. When lit, they emit negative ions that purify the environment around us and allow us to sleep better and stay healthier.

The Himalayan pink salt lamp not only kills the germs present in the air but also relieves the symptoms of several respiratory disorders caused by viruses or bacteria. The negative ions help alleviate the symptoms of cough, irritation, mucus, and phlegm, thus allowing us to breathe comfortably.

Where and How To Use Himalayan Salt Lamps?

You can place your salt lamp in the following places to get an alluring look and a calming effect.

1. You can place it in your bedroom. It will not only act as a night light but will also help you to sleep better.

2. Keep it in your office to kill all the stress-causing positive ions released by electronic devices like mobile, computer, and others.

3. You can also place a Natural salt lamp on your study table to have a calm and relaxed feeling.

4. Place it on your coffee table and enjoy coffee in a soothing environment with beautiful light.

5. Keep it next to a sofa in your lounge, where you spend most of your time so that you can be benefited from the therapeutic features of the salt lamp.

Do not place the Himalayan salt lamp

  1. In a moisture-rich place
  2. Near fire
  3. In the reach of pets or children for safety reasons
  4. In open areas

Some more tips to benefit from the tremendous features of Himalayan pink salt lamps:

  • To get the most out of your lamp, leave it on 24/7.
  • Salt lamps are hygroscopic and draw in water.
  • Clean your lamp regularly to remove the residual.
  • Don’t wash it with water, as it will get damaged.


Pink salt lamps bring countless health perks and beautify the place where you keep them. Using a suitable size Himalayan salt lamp and keeping it in an appropriate space allows you to get all of its promised advantages.

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