Bath Salt

Himalayan salt doesn’t just supplements value to the human health, home decor but also to the well-being. Mineral bath is popular for hundreds of years for its soothing sensation to treat several conditions. Himalayan salt bath can be very calming experience. It is supported by the studies that bathing in warm water with minerals in it can exceptionally reduce fatigue, stress and strain, and helps in improving emotional health.

Bath Salt

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Bath Salt

Bath Salt


What does bath salt look like?

Bath salt usually comes in the form of white, pink or grey crystal, granules, or fine powder and sold in small plastic pouches with the explicit warning of “not for human consumption”.

How much bath salt to use?

Fill the bath tub to half with warm water and pour about half cup of bath salt. For stronger concentration put handful of bath salt which is recommended when higher levels of magnesium is required which helps in reducing the body aches.

What is the benefits of bath salt?

Himalayan salt bath comes with ample benefits and used to treat various medical conditions. By soaking yourself for 10-40 mins, the detoxifying ability can remove toxins from your body. If we dissolve Epsom salt it can help reducing muscle ache and reduce inflammation and irritation to skin. Moreover, by mixing the salt in shower scrub exfoliates the dead skin and foot bath soothes achy feet.

Himalayan salt or sea salt?

Himalayan salt is the type of sea salt which got deposited in indo gangetic plateau millions of years ago. There isn’t much difference between sea salt bath and Himalayan salt bath. Both are equally good for health. However there is a bit of difference in terms of minerals quantity. The pink color of Himalayan salt is defined by the traces of minerals found in it. Nonetheless, both are good in reducing muscle ache and improving blood circulation with few more additive advantages.

Where can i buy bath salt?

Bath salt can be found on shelf from any super market or from any cosmetic shop