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Walls made of Himalayan salt bricks enhances the worth of interior in all its aspects. A beautiful house is something we all dream and wish for in our lives. Modern interior has transformed our lives immensely.  Himalayan salt bricks for home decor are illuminating when lit or exposed to light and gives a transparent glow. Himalayan salt blocks, in the age of modern construction, are used as critical part.

Himalayan Salt Bricks

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Home Decor

Himalayan salt blocks are used as critical part. Hotels, restaurants, houses and spas all can be decorated with Himalayan salt bricks and blocks and the interior gets promoted by the distinctive sensation which cannot be expressed in plain words.

Himalayan salt blocks are extracted from vast spread hilly area of khewra just south to the Himalayas. As per the archeologist the salt reservoirs are millions of years old. Hence the wall made of Himalayan salt tiles cultivated from millions of years old salt mines make your home looks unique and antique.

786 enterprises is making salt blocks, using Himalayan salt, for its clients from nearly 3 decades, not only because of its exclusive qualities but for its incredible natural colors, creative applications and appealing health benefits. 786 enterprises do Himalayan salt tiles wholesale because we have our own two mines supported by our own manufacturing facility.

So far, we have talked a lot about the source and interior’s aesthetic features, let’s now put the light on what exactly Himalayan salt brick or Himalayan salt tiles are all about. How they are made and what is the process of placing them in order to make attractive looking interior design. However, before we indulge ourselves in that conversation it is important to discuss one thing from our experience that, not all salt bricks are same in weight, color and size.

However, as 786 enterprises keenly follows industrial standards so our Himalayan salt bricks go through a strict quality assurance procedure to make sure the end product is as per the explicit standards and requirements set by client and industry.

Every measure is taken to make sure that, upon installing the Himalayan salt brick system there is little to no work required with cutting, trimming and sizing.

  • Himalayan salt block come in variety of sizes and shapes. We at 786 enterprises holds the ability to produce the salt bricks and blocks of any sizes and shapes as per customer demand and need.
  • The Himalayan salt bricks varies in colors normally it comes in pink/amber color and also available in rare Himalayan white.
  • Himalayan salt bricks comes in smooth as well as rough cut finishes.
  • The caution involved whilst using Himalayan salt bricks is although they are heat tolerant but humidity and moisture are not good for item made of salt.

After considering above features of Himalayan salt blocks there are a few more things that needs mentioning here. Himalayan salt bricks or tiles not just puts emphasis on the aesthetics of your private or any public space but it also comes with a variety of health benefits. A few of them are as follow:

  • Improved blood pressure
  • Fresh air free of odor and dust particles
  • Helps people with asthma
  • Soothing and calming effects improves serotonin levels.


How to home decor with salt products?      

There are a variety of products made of Himalayan salt which can be used for home décor. Salt lamps are most famous and common amongst the décor. However there is a growing trend of decorating the houses, offices, spas and gyms with the Himalayan salt blocks and Himalayan salt tiles. When lit the whole space become fill with aura of hues coming out of wall made of Himalayan salt block.

How to build salt wall for home décor?

Before we plan to install a wall made of Himalayan salt brick, it is consider to be significant to understand the surrounding of our living space. Once that is decided, installing salt wall is only just a few steps away. Himalayan salt bricks can be installed using exclusive method which eliminates the need of perpetual construction. There are various methods that can be used to install the system which eradicate the chances for shadowing. Most designs are for the coverage of whole wall which implies the installation cannot be prefabricated. The most common methods for installing Himalayan salt brick wall are metal profiling and salt sputtering.     

How much sizes in salt tiles for home décor?

Himalayan salt brick comes in various sizes, weights and colors which implies every single piece of brick is different from one another. However, the manufacturing team at 786 enterprises in keen to maintain the consistency with the help of its rigorous testing and quality assurance procedure. Sizes may vary from 8x4x1 8x4x2 8x4x rough cut also bespoke sizes can be done.

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