Different Types of Salt Available in the Market

Different Types of Salt

Have a knack for savory and salty food? It all starts with picking the right kind of salt that would suit your taste. Yes, you understood right, there is more than one kind of salt. You know very well that salt is the make or break factor for deciding the taste of the food. You have to make sure you strike the right amount, otherwise too little or too much would just ruin the essence of the flavoring.

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Salt comes in all shapes and sizes. The vast salty palate filled with various flavors, textures, colors, etc. provides us with endless options to choose from. Want to be a salt wizard and mix different types of salt, be our guest! Have a look at the different types of salt and pick one or more according to your needs:

Table Salt

Wondering what type of salt sits on your kitchen counter? Odds are it is table salt. Table salt is the most common kind of salt that is used on a daily basis in our homes. It is extracted from the earth and not from the sea. It is refined to contain iodine which proves useful for combating iodine-related thyroid problems. It also contains anti-caking agents due to which it does not clump making it a lot more refined than kosher salt. It is only sensible to buy such a basic necessity in rock salt wholesale and have a backup amount always ready.

Kosher Salt

Have heard the term Kosher, but don’t exactly know what it is? Don’t worry, we got you! Kosher salt is named after the Jewish process of koshering meat such that it is devoid of blood. Its large and coarse crystals are good for the process of koshering as its large flakes make it difficult for the salt to get absorbed into the meat. It can be at times also used for garnishing steaks.

Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan pink salt, extracted from the Himalayas itself, is famous for so far is the purest form of salt available. Not only is it free from all sorts of preservatives and additives but also contains about 84 trace minerals which make it extremely healthy for regular usage. The color of the salt ranges from off-white to various shades of pink. These tints depend on the concentration of the trace minerals present in the compound.

Himalayan Black Salt

Himalayan black salt, also known as ‘kala namak’ in colloquial language, is considered to be a local delicacy. It is created by cooking rock salt with charcoal, herbs, seeds, and bark for 24 hours to give off a distinct soft-boiled egg-like smell. It is commonly used as garnishing over fruit and vegetable salads or in smaller quantities in dishes to mimic the taste of an egg. It is best to stock this unique taste by buying it in bulk and never running out of it!

Hawaiian Black Salt

Another type of black salt? Maybe. Hawaiian black salt, also known as lava salt, is collected from the Pacific Ocean and Hawaiian Island. It is actually a mixture of sea salt and charcoal that gives off a strong flavor often termed earthy. Its hardened flavor is perfect for garnishing and giving an exotic taste to cuisines. This type of salt can be used as a detoxifying bath because the charcoal present in it cleanses the body, improves skin texture, removes impurities, and provides the body with necessary nutrients. 

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Hawaiian Red Salt

Hawaiian red salt as compared to all the other red salts you will find in the world has a low sodium content. It is actually just sea salt mixed with volcanic clay that is rich in iron oxide. It is used by the local Hawaiian people to bless and purify their homes and to make local delicacies. This sacred type of salt is also said to have healing properties that can heal everything ranging from bug bites to broken bones and burns.

Sea Salt

You must know about sea salt, but here is some reinforcement. Sea salt is extracted directly from the seawater and hence the composition of the salt depends on the place it comes from. The seawater is evaporated in such a way that it produces large and flaky crystals which are just perfect for being used as a finishing salt. These large flakes are the best choice when you need a burst of flavor.

Flake Salt

Flake salt, like sea salt, is extracted by evaporating water specifically from the coasts of England. The texture of flake salt is unique as it dries to form pyramid-shaped, thin, and irregular flakes. This type of salt is more readily soluble in water as compared to the other kinds of salt. What sets flake salt apart from all the other types of salt is its bright taste and low mineral content. It is however an expensive choice, but let us guide you, it can very efficiently be used as the sprinkling salt.

Fleur De Sel

Fancy name, right? This salt is just as French as it sounds. Fleur de Sel, a French term for “Flower of the Sea”, is considered a very precious ingredient. Its worth comes from the fact that it is harvested by hand from the coasts of Brittany in France. Due to its scarcity and labor-intensive extraction, it is extremely expensive and hence getting the name “the caviar of salts”. Its blue-grey tint gives a luxurious aura to the salt and makes it fit for fancy cuisines. The delicate, paper-thin flakes are fine enough to be used in chocolates and caramel, to provide them with a bourgeoisie touch.


The diverse kinds of salt present in the world would never cease to amaze us. But we have a piece of good news for you. You can now buy Himalayan salt in bulk from the best rock salt supplier in town. Click now to get yourself an endless supply of Himalayan pink salt wholesale, and save both money and time.

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