Edible Salt

Edible Salt

Edible Himalayan pink salt is pink in color. It is 100% natural and pure.  We assure it is of premium quality, mined and washed with hands, with an exceptional taste, it not only adds flavor to your food but also ensures that the food is healthy and high in nutrition value.

Pink Himalayan Salt

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White Rock Salt

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Black Salt

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Edible Salt Products

Edible salt

Just like common table salt, edible Himalayan pink salt is used for the purpose of cooking preserving and adding flavor to the food. Being least processed and without having any additive, Himalayan salt is the purest form of salt.

Common table salt contains more sodium as compared to the edible Himalayan pink salt which has more contents of calcium potassium, iron, and the traces of other 80+ minerals and elements.

How to use edible Himalayan pink salt

Our edible Himalayan pink salt is perfect for daily cooking as well as for the seasoning of your meals.it brings an absolute saltiness and makes the food healthy.

The edible Himalayan pink salt can be used for baking purposes and to add a pinch of it in your desserts too, where needed.

You can preserve meat vegetables and pickles with this salt without compromising their quality.

Edible Himalayan pink salt block can be used as a platter to serve your food. It not only enhances the food presentation but also adds flavor to your dish.

The slab or block of edible Himalayan pink salt is when heated to a high temperature, can serve to grill meat fish or vegetables, and can help you prepare a quick meal.

Some health benefits of edible Himalayan pink salt

Being enriched with minerals, our edible Himalayan pink salt carries multiple health benefits. Let’s have a look at some of them.


Himalayan salt removes all the toxins and impurities from the body hence helps in body detoxification. The great way to use it as a detoxifier, take a jar and fill 1/4th of it with pink salt. Then add water and make a mixture to the top of the jar. Leave it all night. In the morning you will see that the salt has been completely dissolved in the water. Now stir it once and take a teaspoon of the mixture and dissolve in a glass of water. Drink this water every morning and it will help in purifying your blood by removing toxins and will keep you energetic and hydrated all day. The negative ions and the minerals present in the pink salt are absorbed by cells of the body and take out toxins.

Improved Digestion

Edible Himalayan pink salt improves your digestion and maintains a healthy stomach.it activates the enzymes that lead to the digestion of food. it also stimulates the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach that helps in the breakdown and the digestion of food.

Healthy bones

The pH balance of our body is maintained by using edible Himalayan pink salt which promotes strong and healthy bones. The pink salt contains electrolytes that help to relieve muscle and joint pain. The elements and minerals in Himalayan salt ensure improved muscle contraction and relaxation.

Controlling high Blood pressure

Common table salt contains a high level of sodium which typically leads to higher blood pressure and may lead to certain heart disorders. The edible pink Himalayan salt has low sodium content as compared to the table salt thus it helps in maintaining the blood pressure and prevents a sudden rise in blood sugar.