Himalayan pink sole water­- A miraculous drink:

The word “sole”, pronounced “so- lay” is a saturated blend of water and Himalayan pink rock salt that carries therapeutic features, beneficial for our mind and body. The pink sole water contains all the essential elements and the nutrients which keep us hydrated and energized.

Pink sole water offers numerous health benefits

So-lay balances the electrolytes

What are the electrolytes? Well, electrolytes are the minerals or substances that carry a charge and are essential to keep the balance of water in our bodies. They also help in removing toxins from the blood. So without proper amounts of electrolytes, the body may not perform certain functions and we may face certain health problems. The pink sole water with sodium chloride and other 84 trace minerals keep a balance in the number of healthy electrolytes in our body.

Stabilizes the stress

By drinking sole water, we feel more relaxed and calm as being an antidepressant, it controls the stress hormones in our body and improves sleep.

Bone health is improved

The calcium in our bones is usually consumed by the body to nullify acidity in the blood which results in osteoporosis and other bone disorders. The Himalayan pink sole contains calcium and other minerals that keep our bones healthy.

An excellent sports drink

The nutritionists and the fitness coaches are in favor of drinking sole water after a workout or a sport activity. Because when we sweat, our body loses minerals and the pink sole water restores them, hence we don’t feel exhausted. The exercise-associate cramps are also relieve by the use of this tremendous sports drink.

Skin gets clearer

The minerals and the elements present in the pink sole water rejuvenate our skin. How?

  • Sulfur keeps the skin smooth
  • Zinc removes scars
  • Magnesium and Chromium reduce the acne

Weight is reduce

It is an amazing fat reducing drink which works by boosting our metabolism, improving the digestion, and balancing the hormones.

Clinical studies approve the health benefits of pink sole therapy

A number of researches have been made that support the tremendous healing properties of the Himalayan pink salt and the pink sole water

One of the two most authentic studies was conduct at The University of  Graz Austria, in 2001.

A book named salt & water The Essence of Life written by De Hendel and Peter Ferrari gives details of the findings of this study. The authors in this book suggest drinking the pink sole water every day to gain numerous health benefits.

Another study was held in 2007 in Las Vegas to test the effect of sea saltwater and the Himalayan pink sole water on the human body. The results showed that the Himalayan salt water was more healthy and effective as compared to sea saltwater.

 How to prepare sole

We just need two ingredients to make Himalayan pink sole

  • 2 cups of Pure Himalayan pink rock salt
  • Distilled water

Hold on! We will also need an airtight jar

Now the 5 simple steps are to be follow to get our drink ready

  1.  Fill ¼ of the jar with the Himalayan rock salt
  2.  Pour distilled water in the jar
  3.  Close the jar tightly with the lid and shake it
  4.  Leave it for 24 hours to let the salt dissolve properly
  5.  After 24 hours, open the jar and stir so that the remaining salt gets mix uniformly.

Sole is ready

It can be store at room temperature for a long period of time.

How to use it

Just take one teaspoon of the sole and mix it in a glass of water and drink it.

When to drink it

The best time to drink the pink sole water is early morning on an empty stomach to get maximum benefits.

What is Himalayan pink sole water and why we should use it?

Staying healthy is something we all wish for, but our poor lifestyles and the processed foods have made it difficult for us to achieve what we call fitness and well being. Today when we are so occupied and busy in our things, we find it difficult to keep a balance in what, when and how we eat. A vitamin and mineral enriched diet is critical for our body to perform best and we have to take a variety of foods to meet the required content of each nutrient in our body. The idea of adding sole water in our daily diet plan would be a great one to serve most of our body’s mineral requirements. Before discussing the miraculous benefits of Himalayan pink salt sole water and how it works, let’s talk.

What is Himalayan pink rock salt?

Himalayan pink salt is purest form of salt that is hand-mined from the khewra salt mines situated in Pakistan. Unlike common table salt, the Himalayan pink rock salt is unrefined, with low sodium content and without additives. It is all-natural and serves countless health benefits as it has 84 essential minerals and nutrients in it which make it a healthy and a better choice.


The pink sole water is safe and causes no side effects, however; a medical practitioner should be consulted before using this supplement in case of pregnancy, breastfeeding, or any other medical condition. Also, the pink sole water is not advised to be taken as a replacement for medicine. Contact 786 Enterprises for Pink Himalayan Salt Bulk to your country (USA, UK, SA and worldwide) at the best prices. 

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