Himalayan Salt Cave

In 1843, the Himalayan Salt Cave mine in Poland began to use salt caves for therapeutic purposes. It has been used successfully for more than 175 years. Halotherapy is now known as inhalation and exhalation of small-sized salt particles. Pelotherapy refers to the underground environment.

Halotherapy helps to reduce mucus, congestion, inflammation, clean the airways, and kill bacteria in the lungs and sinuses.

The Healing Salt Cave recreates the microclimate from an underground Salt Mine. The cave features dimly lit salt lamps, gentle music, and a HEPA/UV air filtration system. It also contains 12 tonnes of Polish pink salt. You will also find iodine water waterfalls that maintain high humidity levels, as well as a halo generator, which disperses pharma-grade salt throughout the air. It appears like a fine cloud of particles with small enough particles to reach the deepest parts of your lungs.

The salt cave can be relaxing and rejuvenating.

  • I don’t often say that I have anything in common with Himalayan Salt Cave or Polish salt miners.
  • Just as the miners who have benefited from dry salt therapy have I.
  • I didn’t need to travel to the Himalayan Mountains or Poland to see it.
  • The Okanagan’s only Himalayan salt cave is located at 1546 Harvey Ave., near Burch Road.

Himalayan Salt Cave

The verdict is in: Salt caves are incredible to improve mental health.

I can visit why salt caves are said to relieve strain and sadness. It is fantastic to spend an hour in a dimly lit room listening to the ocean waves rumble through the walls. A salt cave session is a one-hour-long nap. And guests are not required to do anything except relax and breathe deeply. After falling asleep halfway through the hour-long session, I was much more relaxed and peaceful when I left the salt cave. This is likely due to my nap and not the salt. However, my sinuses didn’t feel much better.

A day later, I noticed that my sinuses were still blocked up and that my coughs were more productive and phlegmy. However, it is still not clear if the salt was responsible. Participants are encouraged to drink plenty of water during and after the session. They claim that salt can slightly dehydrate the body. It’s impossible to determine if salt exposure helped my chest or if it was due to all the water I drank.

I am still unsure if it will help my allergies.

To further evaluate the salt cave’s ability to clear mucus. I returned for an additional hour-long session a few days later. This was my last session since they are prohibitively pricey at $20 and $40 per session, depending on where you live. I noticed that my stuffiness was less severe than before, whether due to a placebo effect of the salt cave or something else. The throbbing pain in my sinus cavities had subsided, and I was able to smell and taste food once again. However, the trade-off was an empty wallet ($30 for a 60-minute session at my local salt cave) and watery, slightly stinging eyelids, likely from salt exposure. Contact 786 Enterprises for Himalayan Salt Bulk import to your country (USA, UK, SA and worldwide) at affordable prices.


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