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Himalayan Salt Lamp

786enterprises is one of the major and reliable manufacturers and whole sellers of Himalayan salt lamps from Pakistan. We produce pink Himalayan salt lamps different beautiful different size and shapes. Our company is the leading exporter and bulk distributor of Himalayan salt lamp from Pakistan.


Pink rock salt lamp is one of our tremendous pure Himalayan salt products having huge demand all over the world.  We provide customized sizes and shapes of the lamps that meet the requirements of our customers. These catchy pieces of art look very attractive, and create a nice soothing effect, generating a relaxing atmosphere. The soothing dim light coming out of our Himalayan salt lamps helps in promoting sleep towards the end of the day, if you replace bright electric light with it.

 The natural and pure Himalayan salt lamps are a great choice for your office and home decor. They create an aesthetic look and increase the ambiance with peachy orange glow.

 Authentic Himalayan salt lamp in Pakistan

 We are the source of lamps with 100% pure and authentic Himalayan salt lamp in Pakistan. They bring all the healing benefits of the Himalayan salt with them! We have an extensive range of different shapes of salt lamps including geometrical shapes, figure shapes, natural salt lamps, USB lamps, and Himalayan salt fire bowls. The categories depend on the shapes, weigh and the sizes.786enterprises use modern techniques to provide our customers high quality products. Our lamps have a wooden base that has a longer life. There is an electric bulb inside the chunk of the salt placed on the wooden base. The Himalayan salt chunk can be in different shapes to offer you a variety. tChoose the Himalayan salt lamp of your favorite shape and create an alluring ambiance that also promotes relaxation and calmness.. 

Pink salt lamp benefits

The Himalayan salt lamps are the decorating accessories of pure Himalayan salt. They not only add and beauty to your place but also serve a lot of health benefits.

 The credit of our various pink salt lamp benefits goes to the hygroscopic nature of the Himalayan salt. It absorbs the water molecules and decreases the humidity from the air. When lit, the lamp emits negative ions that attract the positive ions and the pollutants in the air, providing a clean environment. Researches claim that the negative ions help in promoting the blood flow in our body. They also help us sleep better by creating positive vibes all around. The salt lamps relieve the symptoms of stress and anxiety by releasing negative ions.

When we talk about 786enterprises pink salt lamp benefits, It

  1. Cleanses and deodorizes the air by removing bacteria and dust particles.
  2. Minimizes humidity and moisture.
  3. Reduces stress.
  4. Relieves asthma, pollen allergy, dust allergy and other respiratory problems.
  5. Improves sleep.
  6. Lessens the effect of electromagnetic radiations.
  7. Alleviates the symptoms of common cold
  8. Boosts energy levels

 Do Himalayan salt lamps actually work?


We make Himalayan salt lamps with pure and authentic Himalayan rock salt. When lit, they scatter pretty amber warm glow which creates a sense of calmness and peacefulness.

We make Himalayan salt lamp in the form of a big beautifully shaped salt chunk, placed on the wooden base. The chunk is hollowed out and a bulb is inserted in the center.

The most important benefit that the lamps provide is that they improve the air quality of the surroundings. Specifically, they are beneficial for people suffering from different allergies like asthma, pollen allergy, dust allergy and other respiratory conditions. Since ancient times, halo therapy used to treat respiratory conditions. People with chronic conditions get benefit from spending time in salt caves.

Besides treating breathing conditions, our salt lamps also elevate mode by eliminating the stress causing positive ions from the air.

Studies conducted on animals prove that the exposure to high levels of negative ions may improve the serotonin levels, which aids in the mood regulation.

The researchers also found that people with depressive symptoms when exposed to very high levels of negative ions, they felt relaxed and got a pleasant mood.

What is the best size of Himalayan salt lamp?

Basically, 786enterprises Himalayan salt lamps are the ornamental lights in the form of  big chunk of salt with a bulb inserted in the center. We produce them in large variety of shapes and sizes, so that they can fit to any place they are kept. This is the reason that our customers rank them as the best Himalayan salt lamps 2021. We are happy that our customers are happy with our products.

The distinctive looking artistic lamps are available in many sizes and you can choose the one that fits right to your place. We also manufacture customized bulk Himalayan salt lamps.

What color should a Himalayan salt lamp be?

786enterprises crystal décor salt lamps are famous for their attractive looks and warming orange glow.

Some people buy salt lamps only because the way they look and cherish the pink light coming out of lamps creates soulful ambiance. However, for some, their appealing health benefits are more attractive.

We manufacture our crystal décor salt lamps in many soothing colors. So if you are thinking about what color should a Himalayan salt be? Then don’t worry! All our Himalayan salt lamp light shades are alluring and soothing. You will get the same benefits with any color of the light of the lamp  you buy for your home or office.



Salt Lamp

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