Himalayan Salt Tiles Benefits and Uses

Himalayan Salt Tiles Benefits

You were fascinated by the idea of ice-bricks in an igloo? Wait till you hear about pink salt bricks and tiles. The numerous pink-salt benefits need not be restrained to cooking food only but now they can be utilized to directly affect your mood and quality of day. The pink-salt tiles, as the name suggests, are made up of the Himalayan pink salt that is extracted from the Himalayan Khewra mines. The salt extracted from the mines is then carved into stones and tiles that are then used to decorate homes and therapy centers.

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Unlike the common salt, the Himalayan pink salt emits negative ions into the environment to counteract the positive ions emitted by the electronics. This ensures a calming healthier environment for us to strive in.


Himalayan pink salt tiles have been used for centuries in Eastern medicine and remedies for relaxation, healing and salt therapy. Due to its pure and additive-free nature, pink salt is used for numerous therapeutic and holistic functions. It has been historically used as hot baths, saunas, spas, and homes for stress relief.

Characteristics of Pink Salt

The pink salt does not get refined as the table salt does. It also does not go through any post-processing and hence is present in its natural form which gives off a red or orange hue. When lit with a bulb, it gives off a natural pink-orange glow.

Salt Therapy

Some claim that salt therapy has been used by the Native American tribes for many centuries as a remedy. It is also being used in other countries such as Australia, Japan and some regions of Africa. It is also considered a form of natural homeotherapy.

Benefits of Salt Therapy

The benefits of salt therapy never cease to amaze me. It can not only be consumed to benefit health but also just placed in the environment. Consuming pink salt can help the symptoms of arthritis from worsening. It helps improve blood circulation and is hence generally good for the health of your joints.

Salt therapy stops are built in therapy centers to treat different respiratory, skin and anxiety disorder. It is also said to help improve the health of digestive system, blood circulatory system, liver, kidneys, immunity and depression.
Furthermore, it is also used for mental, spiritual as well as physical detoxification. People of ancient civilizations have also been known to use these therapy mechanisms. Some people believe that it can be used to treat asthma, sinus, rashes, headaches, ear and throat infections and colds.

Uses of Himalayan Salt Tiles

Some uses of Himalayan Salt Tiles are given below: 

Himalayan Salt Floor Tiles

Using pink salt as floor tiles can have a detoxifying effect. Pink salt tiles have the ability to suck out the toxins from your body in the form of sweat, when your toes come in contact with these tiles. Similarly, the trace minerals present in the salt can also seep into your body through skin contact. Hence, it can benefit you by:

  • Detoxifying feet
  • Alleviating tiredness
  • Reducing body aches due to overexertion
Himalayan Salt Tiles for Salt Rooms

Beautiful pink hued rooms can be created using pink salt tiles. Sitting in such a room that is lined with Himalayan salt, enables you to breathe in salty air, relax and treat airway problems, simultaneously.

Himalayan Salt Tiles for Walls

Before building a Himalayan salt wall, it should be ensured that the existing wall should be robust enough to bear the weight of the salt tiles. If an independent, freestanding salt wall was to be created then the floor needs to be robust enough to handle the extremely weight of the salt bricks.

Backlighting can also be used in salt walls to:

  1. Increase the esthetics
  2. Provide the optimum temperature for increasing the ionization effect of the salt.
Himalayan Salt Serving Tiles

Pink salt can be also converted into serving platters which are all-natural as compared to the other artificial ones. These platters not only add to the esthetics of the food but also the flavor. Both hot and cold food can be served in these platters making it convenient and useful.

Salt Tiles as Grills

Salt tiles can also be efficiently used as grills for outdoor cooking. Various foods like seafood, veggies, and other meats can be cooked on salt grills to add to the flavor. These grills are also not difficult to clean and can be done so by following the right instructions.

Blend  Holders

Wonderfully framed boxes can be made to be utilized as oil diffusers and holders for various sorts of blends. Salt inhalers and ultra-sonic salinizers can be used to maximize wellness especially if placed next to the bed during resting time. Himalayan salt tiles are loaded with benefits that are waiting to be discovered and taken into the human body.

Where to Buy Himalayan Salt Tiles

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