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Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Salt has been an essential part of cuisine all over the world since ancient times. it can be called King of spices due to its importance. Himalayan pink Salt is the major item in various manufactured goods that are used in our daily life such as paper, paint, soap, and detergent, etc..

Industrial salt is used in the manufacturing of Alkaline and Chlorine that is a further major item of manufacturing of Caustic soda. Salt is a major used in the Dying industry and Deicing all over the world. Himalayan brings this natural treasure from the mines to your table. Himalayan salt is the best salt for edible whereas sea salt.

 Where our Himalayan Salt Comes From?

All Himalayan pink salt comes from the khewra mines in Pakistan. We obtain Himalayan salt from our own mineral reserves. Once we get the salt mined, raw we deliver the raw salt to our factories in sealed bags. We have a modern facility equipped with the latest state-of-the-art machinery to process the raw salt.

786enterprises own two factories, one is operating in District Jhelum and the other one is functional near district Khushab, to certify the availability of finest and minimally processed salt, by keeping international standards in close consideration.

We follow strict Food Safety and quality standards throughout the secondary processing and packaging of the pink Himalayan salt and salt products with advanced technology, equipment, and highly skilled and trained salt workers.

With our effective export operational strategy, since 2016, we have become a reliable rock salt product manufacturers and one of the best salt exporters in Pakistan. This is the validation and trust stamp on our quality business.

786enterprises Himalayan salt processing

786enterprises Himalayan salt processing is done in a facility that provides the essential technology to process the unrefined salt. Besides, we have a highly modern equipped facility that ensures that the highest salt quality and food safety standards are met. Each grain of our pink Himalayan rock passes through the same quality and safety standards and processes to obtain a pure end product.

We add value to our salt and salt products through our minimal salt processing technique that makes our products best for retailers, manufacturers, and other customers. Our Company, being a food manufacturer also follows all the industry’s regulations and stand out as authorized and genuine rock salt product manufacturers.

 We take the responsibility of performing the same quality check process before supplying the products to our customers regardless of their location and the nature of the business. We also don’t compromise on our processes, packaging, and safe transportation.

 Our advanced and modern salt processing machinery and types of equipment include aspirators, sifters, and the strongest rare-earth magnets, de-dusters, metal detectors, and the optically clean technology that process and verify that every grain of salt, under process in our facility is becoming free of insoluble matter, foreign materials, and contaminants that are of poor quality.

786enterprises don’t use any chemical or bleaching agent to contaminate our organic salt and always deliver authentic and chemical-free products to our customers.

786enterprises has the advanced Optically Clean equipment that uses high-definition technology to examine the salt crystals. The technology is efficient in detecting and then removing the impurities like clay particles, metal particles, and any other contaminants that are not up to the strict food quality standards and principles. Any impurity left is then removed from the salt with a burst of air.

The dark colored clay particles that are mixed in Himalayan salt are difficult to detect and eliminate without our advanced color sorting technology. It also happens that the size and the density of salt flakes and the clay particles are also the same. In this scenario, the optical clean technology sorts out the impurities from the salt without compromising its taste, flavor, and nutritional values.

Therefore, the use of old technology for sorting the salt particles cannot detect and remove the clay particles 100%. It mostly leads to bad quality and a compromised taste and health content of the salt.

At 786enterprises, we don’t believe in the addition of any chemical to refine or bleach our Himalayan Pink Salt.

Salt processing Steps

We follow authorized and highly advanced salt processing steps and techniques to ensure that high-quality Himalayan salt is delivered to our customers. Let’s explore what steps we perform to provide you superb quality pure Himalayan salt


we use Hand-picking and harvesting techniques to obtain the salt from our reserves. No chemical refinement takes place by any procedure.

The hand-harvesting technique prevents the original structure of the salt mine. There is no use of any explosives so that the crystals of salt are not affected.

Hand harvesting ensures the reach of pure salt to the customers without compromising any of its benefits.

Optical cleaning

This process takes place to deeply analyze every grain of salt.  Consequently, it removes all extra particles before the production of the final product.

Quality check

The salt then passes through a quality check process to ensure that we produce premium-grade salt that carries a balance of flavor and nutrients.

Each step of the manufacturing process undergoes strict supervision so that the salt can reach its users in its finest form. The lumps of the Himalayan pink salt then reach the factory to make useful salt products.


Some of the quality checked batches of the pink salt are then ready to send to the crushing area where the crushing and grinding of large chunks into flakes takes place. Two forms of crushed salt come after this process. One is granulated form and the other is powdered form. However, the type of crushing often depends on the demand of our customers.


After crushing, the packaging of a salt starts. We do customized packaging for our customers. Our packaging bags have a high-quality material that keeps the salt fresh and moisture-free.

The pink Himalayan rock salt reaches the users in the form of large blocks, granules, and powder to be used for beauty, spa, or cooking. We also make Himalayan salt decorative like Himalayan salt lamps which are famous around the world not only for their decorating and lighting feature but also for a calming effect. Our prestigious and pure pink salt products are popular locally and internationally. We export them to different countries like Australia, USA, and Europe.

So, Our quality and state-of-the-art manufacturing and mining facility are the reasons behind our success.

786enterprises Himalayan pink salt

786Enterprises is the authentic source of premium quality Himalayan pink rock salt and rock salt products.

We are manufacturer of Himalayan Salt

We are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Himalayan salt and supplies in Pakistan. Also, we are amongst the largest Salt Miners, suppliers, Wholesalers, and Bulk dealers of Himalayan Rock Salt, Edible Salt, and Salt Products in Pakistan.  We source salt from the mines in Pakistan. Also, our advanced machines and experienced workers ensure that the salt products are up to quality standards. We are an authorized and approved organization that produces superior quality Himalayan salt products. Our company has a professional management system. The system supervises the manufacturing and processing of all Himalayan Salt and Himalayan Rock Salt Products.

Our head office is in Pakistan and we have become one of the largest Himalayan salt suppliers in Pakistan with our great quality products. We are also the best pink Himalayan salt exporter in Pakistan. Currently, we are serving a huge number of international clients. The organization produces and processes high-quality Himalayan salt with our Food Grade Stainless Steel plants.

We produce a wide range of Himalayan salt products. They include Himalayan Edible Salt, animal Lick Salt, Himalayan Salt Candle Holder, Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses, Himalayan Bath Salt, himalayan salt lamp.

We are the Best Himalayan Salt wholesale suppliers in Pakistan.

786enterprises are the Innovative Himalayan Salt manufacturers with the best and authentic services.

We export Himalayan salt worldwide

Himalayan Pink Salt has high demand all over the world due to its immense benefits. Being in the industry since 1983, we have expanded our presence to over 60+ different countries as one of the best salt exporters of Pakistan. Therefore, we export Himalayan salt worldwide and currently, we are serving more than 300 businesses.

Our huge number of satisfied customers is the evidence of our quality and success. 786Enterprises, is the go-to stopping if you are in search of reliable rock salt product Manufacturers and bulk Himalayan salt Suppliers.

So, whether you are an importer, wholesaler, or brand, you can count on us to bring you the best.

Bulk Himalayan salt Suppliers

786enterprises take pride in being reliable Bulk Himalayan Salt Suppliers and Exporters in the salt industry.  We extract the Himalayan salt blocks from our reserves. Also, being the authorized Himalayan pink salt dealers, we are responsible for processing, transporting, and delivering the bulk salt to our clients. 786enterprises Himalayan pink salt is of top quality. Therefore, we distribute it to the individual customers and businesses all over the world.

786enterprises started the business with the promise of providing people with natural products. The products that have not encountered any form of artificial tampering. Therefore, we are happy that we still commit to our promise and are providing pure Himalayan salt to our customers. Our miraculous Himalayan rock salt is healthier and beneficial than the common table salt. It also contains essential elements that have wide application for skin, beauty, health. It is a healthier alternative to all other kinds of salt. Himalayan salt has got worldwide recognition for being a therapeutic and healing mineral that treats a lot of conditions.  So, we aim to distribute the Himalayan salt in bulk with all its natural nutrients and benefits. 

What’s in lower quality Himalayan Salt?

786enterprises Himalayan salt reaches its customers in its best quality without compromising the nutritional content. Lower quality and poorly processed pink salt contain impurities and contaminants that are most harmful to human health. So it is necessary that after extraction, the impurities and metal contaminants are not present in the salt.  Thus, we follow multiple steps to ensure our Himalayan salt is of the highest quality. The salt becomes safe to use for dietary and therapeutic purposes.

Salt visual and taste test

We have a large facility of salt visual and taste tests that includes sifters, aspirators, metal detectors, and the Optically Clean technology. So they visually see the salt grains and make sure that each flake strictly adheres to our quality specifications.

Benefits of Pink Himalayan salt:

Himalayan pink salt serves uncountable benefits to the body from detoxification to digestion and healthy skin and hair. Not only it has dietary benefits, but Himalayan salt has a lot of tremendous nondietary benefits too.

Let’s have a look at some of them.

Health & Dietary benefits:                              

Considerable cooking

Like the common table salt Himalayan pink salt can be used in making any dish your food come up with an amazing taste when a pinch of pink salt is added. It enhances the taste of the food.

As it contains less sodium content, so your food is healthy at the same time. Himalayan salt block can be used as a cooking base or a platter to serve your food. It not only cures the food but also adds flavor and minerals to the food.

Health benefits

Himalayan salt serves immense health benefits like:

  • It improves the digestion
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • The use of Himalayan salt in food prevents dehydration by helping the body to achieve an appropriate hydration level.
  • The pink salt keeps your mood calm by reducing the stress and helps you sleep better
  • It helps in relieving certain respiratory problems by opening the airway passage. It also helps in getting rid of allergies by purifying the air and removing the bacteria by emitting negative ions.
  • It contains essential minerals that boost your immunity and helps the body to fight against diseases.
  • Low sodium content in the salt keeps the blood pressure optimum thus preventing heart attack heart, strokes, and other health problems
  • The minerals and the electrolytes present in pink Himalayan rock salt keep the bones healthy and strong. 

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