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The orange shade coming out of Himalayan pink salt lamps creates a calming and soothing atmosphere- natural air purifier makes you feel sound in health and boosts the body’s energy. A Himalayan salt lamp is not just used as a therapeutic remedy but also adds value to the aesthetics of your personal and private space like; your home, office, and room or can also be used as a mild night light.

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Salt Lamp

The colorful lights emerge from the rock salt lamp bring a steady and continues sense of peace and serenity. The beauty of the Himalayan pink salt lamp is that if it breaks into the pieces simply collect the crystals after washing them crush it in a grinder and use it as edible salt to make your food more delicious and tasteful.

Rock salt Lamps are made of 100 % natural Himalayan salt and come in different shapes and sizes. The base of the salt lamp is made of wood which fumigated with pest repellent and make it termite-free. The estimated life of the LED salt lamp is 5000 hours.

Salt lamps History:

Salt lamps are famous for their distinctive looks and emit warming orange glow when lit. In reality, they are made by placing a light bulb inside a variable-sized chunk of pink Himalayan salt. Real Himalayan salt lamps are made of 100% natural salt harvested from the salt mines situated in khewra, Pakistan.

Himalayan rock salt lamps are the chunks of rock salt that has been mined from the ancient mountains of the Himalayas in or near Pakistan. The lamps are curved in such a way that they provide a hollow space for the insertion of a light bulb. The Himalayan salt is purer when compared with the common table salt and contains enormous elements and minerals which give the salt a pink or light orange color. The bulb in the lamp emits a pinkish glow when lit. The rock salt lamps are best known for being alluring and providing a calming aura to the surroundings

Befits of Himalayan salt lamp

The Himalayan salt lamps come in a variety of shapes and sizes for the convenience of the buyers.

When we talk about the benefits of Himalayan rock salt lamps we can mention this undoubtedly that the lamps not only look pleasing and decorative but also help purify the air from allergens and dust particles thus leading you to breathe finer.

Himalayan pink salt lamps are hygroscopic in nature i.e. they attract the water molecules from the air and remove any humidity and moisture thus helping the people with asthma and certain allergies to breathe comfortably. The negative ions discharged by the lamp provide a feeling of wellbeing and create a pleasant effect on one’s mood. The negative ionization of air by the lamp proves beneficial in reducing stress and contamination of surrounding by the bacteria.

Some people buy salt lamps only because the way they look and cherish the pink light coming out of lamps creates soulful ambiance. However, for some, their appealing health benefits are more attractive.

Improved Air Quality:

Out of many health benefits of the Himalayan salt lamp, there are a few which catch more attention. The most common is that salt lamps improve the air quality of the surrounding where they are placed. Specifically, they are claimed to be beneficial for people with different allergies, asthma, or diseases that create an impact on respiratory function.

From ancient times halotherapy is used to treat respiratory conditions. People with chronic conditions are said to benefit from spending time in salt caves.

Mood support:

Besides treating breathing conditions salt lamps are seen as mode elevators or mood booster. When salt lamps are warmed it emits negative ions which believed to cross-matched with positive ions and removes pathogens present in the air and releases stress.

Some studies conducted on animals prove that exposure to high levels of negative ions may improve the serotonin levels, which aids in mood regulation.

The researcher finds people with depressive symptoms when exposed to a very high level of negative ions reportedly found improvements in their mood.

Salt Lamp Sleep Benefits:

Lastly, studies haven’t shown any evidence whether the salt lamps have got any impact on sleep patterns or not. However, as it helps to remove pathogens and dust particles from the air which ultimately helps in improving breathing which is essential for a human being to sleep properly.

It is also observed that the soothing dim light coming out of the Himalayan salt lamp also helps in promoting the sleep towards the end of the day if it is used to replace bright electric light. Because the bright light before going to the bed can delay the production of the sleep hormones melatonin.

Where there are health benefits, Himalayan salt has other remunerations that come along with these catchy pieces of art. They look very attractive and create a nice soothing effect which generates a relaxing atmosphere.


What do salt lamps do?

Himalayan salt lamps can be used not only for decorative purposes but also can prove beneficial for your health.

The salt lamp is being made by putting a bulb inside the salt loafs so when you lit it up, it gives a soothing pink light that enhances the beauty of your surroundings and provides you a calming effect.

Himalayan salt lamp works best as an ‘ionizer’. It creates negative ions in the air that attract all positively charged particles such pollutants, bacteria and dust particles allergens and smoke. So the atmosphere of your house is deodorized and purified so you can feel calm and relaxed.

Are Salt lamps toxic?

Himalayan salt lamps is safe to be used in all methods. There is no scientific proof or evidence suggesting it to be toxic or harmful in any shape or form.

Are salt lamps toxic for pets?

Salt lamps  do not harm the pets any more than the normal salt you use regularly .we recommend you to keep the lamp out of the reach of your pets so that excessive licking of the salt by them  can be avoided.

Is salt lamp safe?

Himalayan salt lamp is safe in all respects. Whether you use it during the day or leave it on during the night, it’s absolutely harmless for you and your whole family. Maximum use of the lamp is recommended to get maximum health benefits.