Salt Lamps

786enterprises is one of the major and reliable manufacturers and wholesale Himalayan salt lamp from Pakistan. We produce pink salt lamps in different beautiful different sizes and shapes. Our company is the leading salt lamp wholesale from Pakistan.

Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamp

We are the source of lamps with 100% pure and authentic Himalayan salt lamps in Pakistan. They bring all the healing benefits of the Himalayan salt with them! We have an extensive range of different shapes of wholesale Himalayan salt lamps including geometrical shapes, figure shapes, natural salt lamps, USB lamps, and Himalayan salt fire bowls. The categories depend on the shapes, weight, and sizes.

786enterprises use modern techniques to provide our customers high-quality products. Our wholesale salt lamps have a wooden base that has a longer life. There is an electric bulb inside the chunk of the salt placed on the wooden base. The Himalayan salt chunk can be in different shapes to offer you a variety. Choose the best Himalayan salt lamps of your favorite shape and create an alluring ambiance that also promotes relaxation and calmness.

Natural Shape

Fire Bowl

Geometrical Shapes

Iron Baskets

Figure Shapes

USB Salt Lamps

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