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Tea Light Holders

Tea light Holder


Himalayan salt tea light holders are the same as that of the lamps, but the difference is they are smaller in size with a geometric shape and carry a tea light candle instead of a bulb.

Just like Himalayan salt lamps, the tea light Candle holder are also considered as the air ionizers and purify the air around by releasing the negative ions. These tea light holder are available in several geometrical shapes. All shapes look appealing and more beautiful when lit by a tealight candle. Some of the geometrically shaped tealight holders include 

  • Circle-shaped teal light holders
  • Cone-shaped tea light holders
  • Square -shaped tea light holders
  • Cube-shaped tea light holders
  • Sphere- shaped tea light holders

Benefits of tea light Candle holders:

The pretty Himalayan tea light Candle holder not only provide a warm glow to your place but also bring a lot of health benefits. Let us talk about some of the benefits

Purify the air:

As the tea light holder are made of 100% pure Himalayan salt, they remove moisture from the air by absorbing it inside them. The atmosphere is purified as all the air pollutants, dust, allergens, and pathogens are eliminated by the Himalayan salt crystals. When the geometrical lights lits on, the moisture in the air evaporates, leaving the pollutants trapped inside the tea light candle holders. That is how we get pure and healthy surroundings.

Balance the positive ions:

The electromagnetic waves released by the electronic devices result in excessive positive ions in the air. These positive ions are harmful to human health. The tea lights release negative ions, bind with the positive ions, and eliminate their effect.

Alleviate respiratory disorders: 

The Himalayan salt is best known for the treatment of respiratory diseases due to its healing properties. 

The Himalayan salt tea light candle holder carrying all the health benefits of Himalayan salt remove allergens, pollen, and dust particles present in the air. In this way, the symptoms of many respiratory ailments are relieved. 

Improve mood and sleep:

The calming glow of Himalayan tea light candle holder alleviates stress and improves mood, results in good night sleep, and a peaceful mind.

Cone-shaped tea light holders

One of the most beautiful 3D shapes among the geometrical tea light holder is the cone-shaped tealight holder. It comes with a beautiful fancy metal stand. The stand is a table stand, hanging stand, curly stand, curving stand, or a classic stand. This mesmerizing Tea Light Candle Holder is hand-carved from 100% pure and natural Himalayan rock salt and creates an aesthetic look anywhere in your home, office, or spa.

These eye-catching cone-shaped tea lights enhance the decor by adding an earthy, warm glow. 

How to use Himalayan salt cone tea lights:

The cone-shaped tea light are ideal for

  • Bedrooms
  • Study rooms
  • Living and family rooms
  • Offices
  • Spas
  • Wellness clinics

Care and caution:

To increase the life of tea light holders, follow the given instructions

  • Never wash the tea light candle holder with water. Wipe them with a damp cloth or towel.
  • Himalayan salt is hygroscopic, which means that it attracts moisture. Due to this feature of the salt, the tea light holder may get wet and start leaking water. Don’t worry; keep the candle holder on as long as possible to avoid excessive water leakage. 

If your tea light holder starts getting white due to a layer of residue on it, wipe the candle holder with a piece of cloth.


Natural Tea Light

natural aroma tea light holder

Cone Shape


Figure Shape


Natural Tea Lights

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