Top 5 Himalayan Salt Exporters Worldwide

Himalayan Salt Exporters

It is no surprise that most of the world’s salt comes from the mighty Himalayan Mountain range. This is because it has been used as a natural purifier for centuries. This salt, which is often high in limonoids, has a high medicinal value, tastes great, and is beneficial for your body.

You know, people are now more conscious about their health and have started preferring organic products over processed food items because COVID-19 has taught them that health is wealth. Himalayan salt is no exception. You will be surprised to hear that Himalayan salt has become the no. 1 high-selling salt in the world.

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This trend has increased the demand for salt, and therefore the Himalayan salt exporters are the most active in this market. The number of companies that export and sell Himalayan salt bulk and Himalayan salt wholesale is increasing every day. But simply because companies have entered the industry and expanded their production doesn’t mean they all are supplying users with the best quality Himalayan salt products.

In this blog post, we have talked about the top 5 Himalayan salt exporters worldwide. It will surely help you get the best Himalayan salt supplier.

786 Enterprises

First on the list of top Himalayan salt exporters in the world is 786 Enterprises, a company with a strong and trusted market presence in Europe, the United States, and Asia. In addition to supplying Himalayan pink salt and other premium quality salts, 786 Enterprises also specializes in offering high-end salt accessories, along with Himalayan salt bricks wholesale.

Customers and small-scale salt businesses have the confidence that they are receiving the purest, most natural salt products possible because the company supplies their salts from high-altitude springs and salt pans in the Himalayan mountains.

What’s more, 786 Enterprises provides safe and secure packaging and shipping options to meet their customers’ needs, making them an excellent choice for Himalayan salt bulk and Himalayan salt wholesale orders.

Salt Works

Next up is Salt Works – an American sea salt company. It has an established distribution network throughout the U.S. and Europe. It means that this sea salt company is one of the top players in the Himalayan salt wholesale and Himalayan salt wholesale businesses.

Salt Works has a vast experience of more than ten years in the industry. They are known for their hand-harvested and unrefined salts, as well as the most competitive prices. This revered exporter also has a wide range of salt options, such as wholesale gourmet salt, wholesale bath salt, Himalayan pink salt, black crystal salt, smoked salt, and even styles that are a mix of salts.


Third on the list of top 5 Himalayan pink salt exporters is ITTEFAQ Salt, a Pakistan-based company established in 1983 to provide the purest form of Himalayan salt and products to customers worldwide.

The company performs refining procedures in sterile facilities and makes sure that every product is as pure as possible. ITTEFAQ Salt exports a wide variety of salts to countries around the world so that customers can get the best natural mineral salts right at their front door.

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JR Himalaya International

Fourth on the list of top global Himalayan salt exporters is JR Himalaya International, a member of the Salt Therapy Association. This well-respected global business specializes in negative ion therapy using Himalayan pink salt.

The company, founded in 2017, is a trusted name in the world due to its provision of top-grade Himalayan salt products. Moreover, JR Himalaya International offers secure shipping services and 24/7 customer support, which means their customers can be confident in their purchases.

Pak Mines

Last but definitely not least, on the list of top 5 Himalayan salt exporters is world-famous Pak Mines, a Pakistani-based exporter of Himalayan pink salt, grilling slabs, pink salt lamps, and spa products all around the world.

Specializing in high-grade Himalayan crystal salt, Pak Mines is one of the top choices for customers looking for the very best in unrefined salts. They specialize in high-quality Himalayan crystal salt. Pak Mines only sells natural, pure salts like pink, white, red, and black crystal salts. These salts will surely make any meal or bath product taste better.

The Editor’s Choice- 786 Enterprises

Among the many Himalayan Pink salt exporters and suppliers & wholesalers in Pakistan, 786 Enterprises is our no. 1 choice. Not only does this company have an excellent reputation in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, but it is also globally known for remaining true to the values that make up its salt brand.

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