What is Smoked Salt – Recipe of Smoked Salt?

smoked himalayan salt

If you want to give grill’s smoky flavor to your simple homemade recipes, add an aromatic finishing smoked salt among the spices in your kitchen shelf and impart a rich smoky flavor and aroma to your meals.

What is Smoked Salt? 

Smoked salt is 100% what we get from the name. It is the sea or pink Himalayan salt granules, expose to the smoke from real, untreated wood for 14 days. During this time, the flakes get a smoky aroma and become enriched with the flavor of the type of wood use.

 It is pure, having no added flavor and color. The taste is mostly delicate, mild, or bold, depending on the kind of wood. 

It enhances the salinity of a dish, also imparts smokiness and a unique flavor to the food.

This is perfect for vegetarians and meat-eaters and can be use in many recipes to add smoke flavor like meats, vegetables, and more.

flavored Salt as it is pure and does not contain any additives.

Ways to use Smoked Salt:

 Here are some of its uses

  • To season fries, sandwiches, and other snacks.
  • To enhance the taste of grilled food like vegetables, chicken, and fish.
  • You can add a pinch of it in sauces to give a smokiness to your marinations.
  • Add some smoked salt into your drinks like a margarita to have a tasteful cocktail experience.
  • A pinch of it on sweet dishes like ice creams and fresh fruits increases the taste and flavor.

Best kind of SALT to smoke

You can use Different salts with large flakes to smoke. However, Himalayan Salt is one of the best and commonly use varieties to smoke.

Sea and kosher are the other options that can be used.

Best kind of wood for smoking

The choice of the wood to smoke the salt depends on the flavor you prefer.  

Some of the choices are

  • Hickory
  • Applewood
  • Oak
  • Mesquite 
  • Pecan

Hickory or Mesquite provides bold flavors. Pecan gives a nutty taste while, for a sweet flavor, Apple Wood is always a good choice.

The hickory, apple, pecan, and oak are the most commonly used smoked salts.

Let’s explore these salts in detail.

Hickory Smoked Salt

Hickory smoked salt comes by slowly firing pure pink Himalayan sea salt or sea salt over a Hickory fire for a clean smoky taste. It has a bold and sweet smoky flavor. A pinch of it adds off the grill flavor to any meal, particularly red meats, salads, and sandwiches.

Apple wood Smoked Salt

You can get it by smoking the salt (Himalayan or sea) for several hours over an applewood fire. It has a soft flavor with a touch of sweetness with no harshness and bitterness. The fine grains are great to add flavor to the soups, seafood salads, and meat. 

Oak Smoked Salt

It is made mostly by the cold smoking method. The Salt is smoked over the chipped pieces of old oak barrels for hours and has a delicate flavor with a smoky hint. It gives a Fantastic taste with seafood and in delicate sauces. 

Pecan smoked salt

Pecan has a less smoky smell as compared to oak-smoked salt. Its flavor is mild and sweet. It gives an excellent punch to the foods like chicken roasts, and especially vegetables like carrots or potatoes.

Recipe of Smoked Salt

 When it comes to smoking, there are two methods to do it.

One is cold smoking, and the other is hot smoking. You can use any of the two ways to make Smoked Salt with a smoker.

Things you need

  • the wood of your choice 
  • Pink Himalayan salt

 Cold smoking procedure:

A cold smoking method is the most common use the technique to make the smoked salt. It involves using pellet tubes or an A-maze-n pellet smoke tray. This procedure needs a temperature below 80°F. Smokers require a higher temperature to generate smoke as compared to the temperature pallets.

Take salt in a baking pan or an aluminum foil. Fold the ends of the foil and place it in the palette. You can continue to smoke for 24 hours to get a nice flavor. The time can be less depending on what is your preference regarding the taste and aroma. However, cold smoking requires you to smoke for at least 12 hours.

Hot smoking procedure:

Preheat smoker at a temperature of 250°F. Add charcoal and wood chips as required. Now take salt in a pan or a tray with a sheet and place it in the smoker. It should be moisture-free. Now smoke it slowly for 2 to 3 hours. Remember to stir it regularly and keep on adding the wood chips to spread the smoke evenly.

 Keep in mind that a long smoking period will give a strong flavor to the salt. 

Once you complete the process, So let it cool for some time and then store it in a dry airtight jar.


 You can taste the salt during smoking and can remove it from the smoker when you think that it has got the preferred flavor.

 It’s important to remember that smoked salt is not for seasoning. Because It is a finishing salt, which means that it cannot replace the one you use to salting the food while cooking. To enjoy its subtle flavor, use it after cooking your food. However, if you want to season the food with it, add a small amount to have a great taste.

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