Why do we choose Himalayan salt over other Salts?

Do you think about the importance of minerals in real life? We subconsciously ignore the details about things we use a lot in our daily routines like let’s talk about minerals we use in our food to make it tasty for example salt.

Salt is very essential for your health, so it cannot be eliminated you must have a regular intake a specific of the amount of salt for better health. Salt is used to control blood pressure in the body and Salt is very necessary for the nerve system and muscle function as well. Basically, Salt is used to manage cell function in our body, and also it is used to manage the acid balance of the blood in our body.

Things originate from different places are different in taste and benefits like salt we use in over daily life has come from many places like khewra, Himalayas or sea, but each type of salt has its individual importance. In this article, we talk about the Himalayas in pink salt benefits over regular salt.

  • There are different benefits of Salt
  • Assists you with remaining hydrated.
  • To remain better hydrated your body needs a fragile equilibrium between sodium and potassium.
  • Advances great vascular wellbeing.
  • Balances electrolytes and forestalls muscle squeezing.
  • Upholds a solid sensory system.
  • Further develops rest.

Table of Contents

  1. Himalayan Salt
  2. Why do we prefer Himalayan Salt to other salts?
  3. Which Salt is good for Health?

Table Salt

Table salt is refined salt and is typically mined from underground. Minerals remove while it’s processed. Table Salt is basically the most common salt which is used in daily routines. The table is normally used for cooking purposes because it’s easily available and it is cheap than other salt. Normally, Table Salt contains 98 percent sodium chloride and the rest of 2 percent anti-cracking agents. It does not have additional nutrients like potassium, iron, and calcium but it has iodine. Table salt can be poisonous.

Side Effects

Table salt is highly addictive and due to this, your body craves more for table salt. The abundance of Table salt is terrible for your apprehensive and circulatory framework. Table Salt has a large amount of Sodium and the excess of sodium is not good for health. The other severe problems you can face are due to intake of a large amount of Salt. You can face Swelling, liver problems, hypertension, dehydration, muscle problems, stroke, heart diseases, edema, water retention, PMS, anxiety  High blood pressure, and nervous system disorders.

Properties of Sea Salt

Regularly Sea salt is delivered by the dissipation of seawater. Ocean Salt has a greater number of minerals than table salt since it’s less handled than table salt. Sea salt is normally in off-white, pink, greenish, and black. Sea salt does not melt easily.  Due to its healthy mineral sea salt helps to regulate fluid balance in a better way and normalize the blood pressure in the body. Normally sea salt is not common like table salt and sea salt is very expensive. Sea salt is very different in tastes, texture, and processing from table salt. It has less iodine amount than table salt.


Sea salt is also used in baths which are good for its therapeutic and healing properties, and it is very good for stress and anxiety problems. Furthermore, regular ocean salt is utilized for completing dishes. Sea salt has anti-inflammatory properties naturally and it can use as a great pain reliever, Sea salt is good for those who are suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis and eczema.


There are some risks which you can face by excess use of sea salt. It can create problems in enlarged heart muscle, severe headaches, it can cause heart failure, and it can have a bad effect on blood pressure, may lead to kidney disease, can create kidney stones problems, also cause osteoporosis, also bad effect on the stomach, and also cause of stroke.

Himalayan Salt

Now, we are talking about the Himalayan Salt which is one of the best salt over the other Salt. Many nutritionists recommend Himalayan Salt as one of the best salts which you should use in your daily routine. Himalayan salt is the most popular salt over other salt. Pink Salt is more affordable than other salts available in the market. Himalayan salt melts easily.

Himalayan salt has an adequate amount of sodium and Proper sodium intake is necessary for a healthy body. Normally Himalayan salt can help you maintain sodium levels in the body. Although, it is not practically proven that Himalayan salt is more beneficial than other salt. Pink Salt is free from Calories, Protein, Fat, Carbohydrates, Fiber, and Sugar. Pink Salt has a lot of healthy minerals which is very beneficial for health. It has calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Normally, it has no iodine. Pink Salt is normally in large flakes. It is by and large utilized as a food added substance and replaces standard salt since it’s more helpful. It is also utilized for cooking purposes and makes more delicious food than regular salt. It has better salt. It is used for food presentation in more creative may, also used for decorative lamps, and best for spa treatments. Contact 786 Enterprises for Himalayan Salt Bulk for import to your country.

For what reason do we favor Himalayan Salt to different salts?

There are multiple reasons why Himalayan salt is better than other salt. As many nutritionists suggest the use of Himalayan salt is a good choice than other salts. So, let’s discover should we also prefer the Himalayan salt over other salts.

One of the best salt

The other characteristics of pink salt are it never expires so, we can say it is economical as well. Pink salt has in excess of 98% sodium chloride. The other 2 percent of salt contains other trace minerals, and these are potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Due to these minerals, this salt tastes different than other salts and gives the best flavor.

Which Salt is good for Health?

Many people ask which salt is good for health. So, what are you think about which salt is more than other salts? Yes, you think right its Himalayan salt. Just because it has healthy vitamins but also Himalayan salt is very beneficial for other things too. So, let’s have a look at how Himalayan salt makes you healthier?

How Himalayan Salt makes you healthier than other Salts?

As I mentioned before, Himalayan Salt has several beneficial minerals which are healthier than other salts. As we talk about table salt so, table salt has very less amount of beneficial salt which is not so healthy, and also excessive use of table salt may cause severe diseases. Let’s talk about sea salt it has more minerals than table salt. Sea salt has 72 particles but still, it is not healthier than Himalayan salt. Himalayan salt has 84 minerals which make you healthier also use in different ways. Himalayan Salt is a pure kind of salt. It is free from plastic and another kind of bad chemicals which are bad for health. It can control many diseases which the normal salt can’t.

Which Salt is healthier for blood pressure?

An excess of utilization of salt causes serious infections like hypertension, stroke, and coronary illness, that’s why we can take only a limited amount of salt due to avoid these diseases. And this is the reason many nutritionists suggest Himalayan pink salt is the best alternative to regular salt, just because it is healthy than other salt. It is great for the body to utilize. As we know excess table salt is also affected your blood pressure but the main characteristic of pink salt due to it has low amount of sodium than another table salt. Pink salt helps you to avoid dehydration. It also helps to balance fluid in your body and blood pressure as well. Pink salt is good to balance an adequate amount of hydration levels in your body.

Himalayan salt vs. table salt; which is the better choice

Himalayan salt contains a minor amount of 84 trace minerals in addition as compared to table salt, some of these minerals are zinc, calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium along with lesser-known minerals like strontium and molybdenum is also present in Himalayan salt. Himalayan pink salt contains less sodium than 1680 mg/ teaspoon while table salt contains 2360 mg/ teaspoon of sodium. Himalayan salt is used in different ways than other salts. There are different uses:

Salt Therapy

Salt Therapy is kind of a relaxing type of spa treatment. Salt therapy positive effect on anxiety and depression. It has also many benefits:

Salt Therapy is a characteristic treatment that is taking in the pungent air. Certain individuals guarantee that numerous infections can be treated by salt treatment. It can treat respiratory issues, like asthma, constant bronchitis, and different sensitivities.

Salt treatment is a characteristic cycle and extremely advantageous for wellbeing .it is not just a temporary cure but also prevents diseases from coming back again. Breathing in the air with salt particles is very beneficial for health and also a cure for many diseases it has disinfectant properties and boosts the immune system and fight against bacteria and virus and invades your respiratory system.

It is scientifically proven that inhaling in the air with dry salt particles is good for your respiratory system. It has many properties like bactericide, microkinetic, hydrophilic, and anti-inflammatory properties, which are very beneficial in inflammation reduction in the respiratory tract and also helpful in widening the airway passages in your body. Dry salt particles have many benefits they can also be good for accelerating the transportation of mucus, and also very good for allergies as well. A clean respiratory framework normally brings about higher oxygen consumption, expanded energy, and a superior invulnerable system.

Solution for Skin Problem

Are you worried about your skin? Salt therapy is an excellent solution for good skin it is also to improvement in the overall quality of the skin and also it improves the appearance of the skin. Regular Salt therapy can be the most important tool for our skin that is good for the healthy aging process for the skin.

Salt therapy is not only good for our skin but also can glow our skin and make it more beautiful. It can cure other skin problems. It is the best for Psoriasis, Itching, Eczema, Swelling & Inflammation, Dermatitis, Dry & Flaky Skin, Acne, Rashes, and Rosacea

Salt Therapy is a very safe and effective practice for health care. It is a characteristic interaction so it has no aftereffects. A 1.5 gram serving of sole water contains around 18% of the day-to-day suggested sodium esteem. While this is a modest quantity, pink Himalayan saltwater can in any case assist you with supporting your supplement levels assuming you drink it consistently.

Benefits of Salt lamp

Here is another use of pink salt which is a Salt lamp. The salt lamp may release negative ions into the space, it is used to get rid of dust particles in the air that may be dangerous for your health, it can likewise expand your energy level to forestall the side effects of sensitivities. It can likewise build your energy level to forestall the side effects of sensitivities. From pink salt lamps, you can boost your mood and help you sleep more peacefully. The lamp is basically used reduction in air pollutants and make it pure. The time when you light salt lamps, they give you a warm and relaxing feel. Its reddish-pink glow effect gives you the best feel. This lamp is not only for decoration and for lightning purposes but also many claims the lamps can help you boost mood, and improve your sleep. It can also ease allergies. These lamps also help people who are suffering from asthma help them to breathe better, and clean the air as well.

  1. Pink salt is very best for detoxing your body
  2. Here we know how to make a detox drink. Take two tablespoons of pink salt which is non-iodized ocean salt in one quart brimming with warm water.
  3. You can add lemon juice it can improve the taste of detox water if you desired.
  4. You can drink the detox water as quickly as possible and try to drink it while you have an empty stomach for better results.

Different Benefits

Retaining your body a Himalayan bitter water shower can do wonders to reestablish your skin. Through the course of dermal maintenance, your skin retains all of the minerals that give different benefits. For instance, chromium fights skin break out, zinc hinders startling and sulfur keeps your skin smooth. The magnesium ingested through the Himalayan salt can help in easing pressed muscles and sensitive tissues. Add it fairly warm water to feel animated and engaged. The proficient method for encountering the upsides of Himalayan salt is to make it with some water. By drinking this water helps you in keeping up with the pH levels in the body, improves your energy in the body, and furthermore assists you with keeping more hydrated.

Himalayan pink salt, the most perfect ocean salt accessible on the plan, is a very stylish fix in the food world. Be that as it may, it offers a wide scope of advantages to the body excessively as it is insignificantly handled.

Involving this fixing in DIYs can give you solid skin and hair. It can likewise be utilized as a foot douse to loosen up the muscles and alleviate torment. The following are a couple of alternate ways you can add this fixing to your excellence schedule.

Best for Hair Dandruff

Pink Salt is utilized to relax and break up existing item development and dandruff as well as invigorates dissemination for a solid scalp. Pink salt additionally ingests overabundance oil and dampness to forestall dandruff later on.

Skin care

Toner is a fundamental piece of each skincare schedule. Salt can go about as a magnificent toner by fixing the skin, decreasing huge pores, and making the skin firm.

4. Scalp treatment

Himalayan salt can work splendidly as a scalp treatment. Himalayan salt can relax away any dandruff or item develop that you could have on your scalp. Shedding your scalp consistently likewise assists with animating dissemination, advancing better and more grounded hair development over the long haul. Subsequent to utilizing Himalayan salt on your scalp, make certain to give your hair an exhaustive flush to guarantee an abundance of salt or oil from the scour has been washed away.

5. Reasonable for touchy skin

Assuming you’re inclined to awareness, it’s justifiable that you may be careful about applying salt to your skin. While it very well may be best for delicate skin types to stay away from actual peeling, you can in any case receive the rewards of Himalayan salt by partaking in a pleasant sole splash. Sole splashes assist with skin inflammation and psoriasis, yet in addition with bug chomps, sun-related burn, and general bothering and dryness.


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