What We Do & How We Got Here

Who We Are

The company has been in operation for just over three decades within Pakistan and in that time, have expanded its operations globally, successfully. 786 Enterprises is working on all grades of salt, both industrial & domestic, with permission of Pakistan Mineral Development while under the certification of FSSC 22000 & PS.

The plant is located in the picturesque region of Pind Dadan Khan of District Jhelum. At Mines, the Rock Salt is handpicked and sorted to obtain the best possible rock salt with a daily production of 600MT. A sample from each batch is sent to the laboratory to get tested for its purity.

How We Work

After the lab results are confirmed, the batch is transported to the factory in which it’s categorized according to the treatment they need (washing, scraping with stainless steel brushes or buffing). After these processes are completed, the salt is then processed and packaged.

The packaging is done as per the requirements of the customers. Since we are already exporting our products around the globe, you can rely on us to deliver on your order in a timely and reliable fashion.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believes in giving back to the community. Following up on this responsibility, we are working closely working with education sector. Going forward, we will expand our activities to other sectors too.


To spread awareness about the natural and healing benefits of Himalayan Natural Salt among the people, let them experience and feel the miraculous changes in their lifestyle and health with use of these pieces of nature gifted Himalayan Salt


To hone the benefits of Rock Salt to their full extent and make the outcomes readily accessible.

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