Geometric Salt Lamp

Specification and Benefits

786 Enterprises offers Pink Himalayan Salt in bulk in various geometrical shapes. Our geometrical salt lamps are crafted latest cutting technology machines from salt rocks of the Himalayan mountains. Himalayan Geometrical salt lamps, made from pink salt purify the air by releasing negative ions, when heated by the bulb’s incandescence, thus improves air quality and aids in relieving from breathing problems, stress, and improve sleep, thus enhancing your mood and make you feel relaxed.


The Himalayan rock salt crystals carved into attractive geometrical shapes with precision and accuracy to make beautiful Himalayan geometrical salt lamps, brings divine harmony to home and office decor, with its beautiful and warm amber glow. In offices, Himalayan geometrical salt lamps can serve as desk lamps on workstations, meetings tables, and coffee tables to create a stress free working atmosphere. As a wholesale supplier, we provide the best equipment with our Himalayan Salt Lamps. Each Geometrical Salt Lamp comes with a power cord and dimmer switch for glow adjustment.

Choose 786Enterprise for Whole Sale Supply

786Enterprises’ Himalayan Geometrical salt lamp is widely preferred in corporate offices for decor purposes and also to get feelings of nature friendly and stress free working environment for the employees, to get better working performance.  786Enterprises is the known as best manufacturer of Himalayan salt lamps and our products are exported in excessive quantities to different countries like Australia, the EU, the UK, and the US. Our skilled labor can design any customized geometry out of Himalayan Salt Rocks. Need any geometrical figure carved out of Himalayan rock salt? we can design it for you, according to your requirements. Our Himalayan Geometrical Salt Lamps come in light shades of pink and white. Looking for bulk supplies of Himalayan Salt Lamps? we are always the right choice because we are trusted worldwide as the best wholesale supplier of Himalayan Salt Lamps of all the known categories.

Article Code : GL-113

Shape : Diamond

Article Code : GL-102

Shape : Cube

Article Code : GL-115

Shape : Round

Article Code : GL-103

Shape : Drop Shape

Article Code : GL-119

Shape : Mushroom

Article Code : GL-104

Shape : Pyramid

Article Code :GL-106

Shape : Obelisk

Article Code : GL-112

Shape : Cylinder

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