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Salt Block

The Salt block is made of Himalayan pink salt that comes in different shapes, weights, and sizes. It is enriched with various minerals like iron, potassium, magnesium calcium out of 84 minerals that can be found in Pink salt; it defines the color of the slab and makes it increased in nutrition values.
The salt block is used to cook and serve a variety of food. A Himalayan salt block is a very good heat conductor which makes it work at high temperatures. So for the reason being sustainable at high temperatures marks it ideal for baking and grilling range of meats, eggs, seafood, pizzas, and cookies, etc.

Salt Block

On Request: Tailored Sizes can be produced.
Branding options are also availible

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Salt Block

Adding real health to your meals right when it’s being cooked, that is what you get from a Himalayan salt block. As that piece of rock has so much to offer from its naturally anti-microbial surface to superior heat distribution, cooking on a solid salt block does not make the food too salty. But on the contrary, it stabilizes the body’s pH levels & hydration along with reducing acid reflex and improving digestion, much attributed to more than 80 trace minerals present in it. Want more? Well, you got more as that salt cooking is also perfect as serving plates, join them and you have platter. And It does not end there, you can also use them as cold plates too, perfect for sushi and any raw food. Himalayan salt block cooking helps stimulate our digestive system that puts it into the trending in a very interesting way and makes it highly popular due to the beautiful texture and mouthful taste it adds into the meal.

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