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A useful Himalayan salt lamp size guide with benefits/advantages

Himalayan salt lamps are the great hand-crafted chunks of Himalayan salt that carry all its benefits with them. These magical pieces of salt with a beautiful glow are famous in the world. They not only add beauty to a place but also purify the surrounding air. These...

Pink Himalayan salt products that you must need at home

Pink Himalayan salt is a natural mineral that not only seasons and flavors up your dishes but is also available in the form of different products. These products increase the application of salt for several other purposes. Due to its unique structure, pink salt is...

himalayan salt grain & what you need to know about it?

Salt is one of the major minerals found on the earth. It is also a great food ingredient that adds flavor to the dishes while providing many health benefits. Your kitchen spice shelf is incomplete without salt as it is an inexpensive mineral that is part of almost...

What is the Origin of Himalayan pink salt

Himalayan pink salt is the most genuine and pure kind of salt known today. It is becoming more popular in the world for its exceptional qualities, and the number of people substituting the common table salt with Himalayan salt is escalating faster. It is the most...

Himalayan salt shot glasses – Its cleaning and care

Since ancient times, Himalayan salt is used in different forms due to its great features. Today, it is not confined to the kitchen shelves but sculptured in many products, having many applications. In this writing, we will talk about one of those beautiful...

Salt therapy- what you need to know?

Salt therapy is a natural form of remedy that involves breathing in the salty air. It involves spending time in either a natural salt cave or specially constructed salt rooms. We know that pink rock salt is known for its healing and therapeutic properties since...

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