Natural Salt Lamp

786enterprises is the bulk natural Himalayan salt lamp manufacturer to organic Himalayan salt and come in different shapes and sizes. The base of salt lamp is made of wood which is fumigate with pest repellent which makes it termite-free. The estimate life of the LED salt lamp is 5000 hours.

Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp Manufacturer

We uniquely shape hand-mine Natural salt rocks that are converted into salt lamps that make them unique and natural in all manners. So it keeps the attribute of handmade, the variation exists in the crystal salt weight, size, and colors.

786enterprises started the business with the promise of providing people with natural Himalayan Salt in Bulk. The products that have not encountered any form of artificial tampering. Therefore, we are happy that we still commit to our promise and are providing pure Himalayan salt lamps in natural shape to our customers

Weight: 30 - 40kg
Weight: 9 - 12kg
Weight: 24 - 30kg
Weight: 6 - 9kg
Weight: 18 - 24kg
Weight: 4 - 6kg
Weight: 12 - 18kg
Weight: 2 - 3kg

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