Salt Lamp

The orange shade coming out of Himalayan pink salt lamps creates calming and soothing atmosphere- natural air purifier makes you feel sound in health and boosts body’s energy. Himalayan salt lamp is not just used as a therapeutic remedy but also adds value to the aesthetics of your personal and private space like; your home, office and room or can also be used as mild night light.

The colorful lights emerge from the rock salt lamp brings steady and continues sense of peace and serenity. The beauty about Himalayan pink salt lamp is that if it breaks in to the pieces simply collect the crystals after washing them crush it in grinder and use it as edible salt to make your food more delicious and tasteful.

Rock salt Lamps are made of 100 % organic Himalayan salt and comes in different shapes and sizes. The base of salt lamp is made of wood which fumigated with pest repellent and make it termite free. The estimated life of the LED salt lamp is 5000 hours

Natural Shape Salt Lamps

On Request: Tailored Sizes can be produced.
Branding options are also availible

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Salt Lamps With USB

Natural Salt Lamp

Uniquely shaped hand mined Natural salt rocks are converted into the salt lamps that make them unique and natural in all manners. Because it keep the attribute of handmade, the variation exists in the crystal salt weight, size, and colors.

The exceptional properties of the Himalayan Salt lamp make it a memorable gift worth giving and presentable on different occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, valentines etc.

According to the several studies conducted on this area, salt deposits are nearly millions of years old and the unique pink color of the salt is due to traces of mineral found in it.