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Himalayan Bath Salt

Himalayan bath salt has high demand all over the world due to its immense benefits. Being in the industry since 1999, we have expanded our presence to over 40+ different countries as one of the best salt exporters of Pakistan. Therefore, we export Himalayan salt worldwide, and currently, we are serving more than 90 businesses.

Our huge number of satisfied customers is the evidence of our quality and success. 786Enterprises is the go-to stopping if you are in search of reliable Himalayan bath salt exporter and bulk Himalayan salt Suppliers.

So, whether you are an importer, wholesaler, or brand, you can contact us to bring you the best.

Article Code :BS-607
Shape :Salt Balls Dia
Size : 50 mm
Article Code :BS-603
Shape : Soap - Cake Shape(Imperial)
Size : 9 x 3 cm
Article Code :BS-604
Shape : Soap - Heart Shape
Size : 4 x 5 cm
Article Code :BS-605
Shape : Soap - Egg Shape
Size : 4 x 5 cm
Article Code :

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