Bath Salt

Article Code : BS-602

Shape : Soap - Cake Shape(Lifebuoy)
Size : 9 x 3 cm

Article Code : BS-605

Shape : Soap - Egg Shape
Size : 4 x 5 cm

Article Code :BS-607

Shape :Salt Balls Dia
Size : 50 mm

Article Code :

Article Code :BS-603

Shape : Soap - Cake Shape(Imperial)
Size : 9 x 3 cm

Article Code : BS-604

Shape : Soap - Heart Shape
Size : 4 x 5 cm

Bathing with Himalayan bath salt is known to bring calmness and relaxation feelings as it allows the easy absorption of minerals through the skin due to which positive effects of trace minerals present in it are experienced. It has detoxification properties due to which it aids in treating many skin problems like eczema, acne, and psoriasis. Himalayan bath salt contains traces of magnesium therefore using it along with bathwater can help in the contraction and relaxation of muscles, it is also considered necessary for nervous system regulations. Himalayan Bath salt has such miraculous minerals that it can also aid in weight loss, insomnia, poor blood circulation, respiratory ailments, and bloating.

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Owing to highly super magnificent benefits our Himalayan Bath Salt is in high demand across the globe. Since 1999, our exports of Himalayan Bath Salt are expanded over 40+ countries, where our product serves as an essential part of spas, making 786Enterprises’ as leading Himalayan Salt exporter from Pakistan.  We are currently serving more than 90 businesses.

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