We live in a rapidly changing world, a world in which survival in business must never be taken for granted. Our vision of the future must be clear and unequivocal in order to anticipate and respond to each new challenge and opportunity. We must constantly learn how to stay in business by adapting to the dynamic conditions in which we live and work.

Since 1980 we have applied every new technology and techniques in order to be the best in our industry. Here at 786 Enterprises we take the new with the old by keeping the 250 million year old salt deposits as it is and adding value to them by our specialized techniques. Our company’s success depends on the innumerable efforts of our team of experts who insure the customer satisfaction and customer support through the whole process.

To meet the challenges we face, we must be innovative and creative, we must be constructive and energetic, but above all our effort we must add value. Along with all our business endeavors we do support the community around us by being environmentally and socially responsible. Our employees are incredibly strong and motivated team which I am really proud to lead and that is the most important prerequisite for success.

Karim Haroon

CEO 786 Enterprises

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