Salt Chunks IRON Baskets

Himalayan Salt Lamp Basket is made with Pink Salt Chunks stacked randomly over each other in an iron basket. These chunks are extracted from Beautiful Pink Himalayan Salt that is Mined in the Foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan. The Metal Basket is made from premium wrought iron and is 100% Corrosion Resistant and Durable The Himalayan Chunk Salt Basket illuminates like fire with a warm and amber glow, which gives pleasure and relaxation feelings. Therefore, it is considered best to create a peaceful environment for meditation and yoga. It can also serve as the center lamp for a coffee table or office desk. For a calming ambiance in your bedroom, it can also serve as a night lamp on your side table. 786Enterprises’ Himalayan Chunk Salt Basket Comes with a Light Bulb, ETL Certified Cord and Patented Dimmer Switch for Brightness adjustment and Match the Ambiance. It makes the perfect gift for any event for example Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, Eid, Diwali, Holi, or other special occasions.

786Enterprises is the world-famous exporter of Pink Himalayan Salt in Bulk. We are considered the best Himalayan salt lamp basket manufacturer from Pakistan because of universally certified quality products. Our premium wrought iron baskets are hand-crafted with unique shapes and are filled up with fine crystallized rock salt chunks. We have hundreds of designs out there in the salt lamp Basket. The salt crystal chunks we as a whole fill our crates are heavenly and send lighting especially well, along with characteristic shades of blood-red, white, and furthermore pink/orange promptly advertised. We also manufacture based on custom demands with variations in basket design and light shades. Blood-red, white, and pink/orange light shades are highly demanded. Our iron baskets are amazingly, exceptionally powerful in indoor climates because of the huge aggregate region of the harsh salt pieces.

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