Animal Lick Salt

We export Himalayan Salt round rock round block worldwide as Himalayan Rock Salt is a natural hard block of clean salt and is considered best and safe for pets and cattle in many countries. Because our authentic lick salt block comes with a long shelf life if you store them in a moisture-free environment.

The 786enterprises is an authentic source of Himalayan salt bulk round rock for the pets and farm animals like cats, horses, buffalos, and others. We manufacture and supply 100% pure Himalayan lick salt block and products without any additives or derivatives. Himalayan salt contains 84 minerals and elements, like magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium, and sodium. The pink hue of salt is due to the presence of these elements.

Lick Salt Round Rock Manufacturer

We manufacture round rock salt in a variety of shapes and sizes. The weight mostly ranges from 5lb to 22 lbs and the shape is rough or crafted according to the requirement of each customer.

Our Natural Himalayan round rock salt are purely organic without any chemicals. They give cattle and animals the required amount of minerals and nutrients for healthy growth and increased production. The chemical-free animal lick salt is Salt suitable for almost all animals.

Article Code :ALS-853

weight : 1 - 1.5 kg
Shape: Natural Cylinder

Article Code :ALS-857

weight : 5 - 6 kg
Shape: Natural Cylinder

Article Code :ALS-854

weight : 2 - 3 kg
Shape: Natural Cylinder

Article Code :ALS-858

weight : 6 - 7 kg
Shape: Natural Cylinder

Article Code : ALS-855

weight : 3 - 4 kg
Shape: Natural Cylinder

Article Code : ALS-856

weight : 4 - 5 kg
Shape: Natural Cylinder

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