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Home Decor

Himalayan salt with high mineral content is not only great for health but can also be a part of your home décor. Several pink rock salt décor products are available that give your home interior makeover a healthy and aesthetic touch. Pink rock salt has an enchanting peachy pink or orange hue. It reaches you in its purest form without any additives. That is the reason that this salt has expanded application as compared to other kinds of salt. 

Beautiful hand-crafted Himalayan salt products that are trending these days to create an aesthetic and healthy home, office, or spa interior include Himalayan salt lamps, candle holders, tea lights, and Himalayan salt blocks, tiles, and bricks.

The salt lamps, candles, and tea lights light up space, whereas the Himalayan tiles or bricks are used to construct the Himalayan salt walls for home décor and halotherapy.

This article will highlight the Himalayan salt bricks, tiles, and walls for home décor. First, let us talk about Himalayan salt tiles and bricks.

Himalayan salt tiles

Himalayan salt tiles are pink-colored pieces of rock salt, available in many shapes to create incredible and inspiring home decor. Also known as Himalayan salt blocks, the Himalayan salt tiles have atmosphere purifying features that cleanse the environment, creating a healthy and artistic ambiance. 

Himalayan salt wall

You can install salt tiles in your home by constructing a salt wall in your home. Cover an existing wall with the tiles or build an independent wall for partition, you will get a perfect interior. 

Moreover, a backlit salt wall with a light on the back will create an elegant look and purify the environment with its ionization features.

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What does a Himalayan salt wall do?

Installing Himalayan salt walls makes your home beautiful with its attractive look and healthcare benefits. We know that Himalayan salt is a natural ionizer and hygroscopic mineral. Upon heating, it emits negative ions that filter the surrounding air by detoxifying the atmosphere. So, having a salt wall gives you a perfect interior and a healthier home environment that reduces diseases and strengthens your immune system.

We are the leading Himalayan salt slab and bricks exporters of Pakistan.


Himalayan Salt Bricks

On Request: Tailored Sizes can be produced. Branding options are also available.

Decor Salt Product Codes

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