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Figure Salt Lamp Exporter

Our Figure salt lamp is widely used in yoga rooms and spas and is exported in excessive quantities to different countries like Australia, the EU, the UK, and the US. And 786enterprises is Himalayan salt lamp exporter wholesale from Pakistan.

Himalayan salt lamps are carefully carved into bespoke shapes, sizes, and weights. It also includes detox salt lamps. The Himalayan salt lamp when switched on emits a soft yellowish glow and spreads negative ions that naturally ionize the air. It creates a soothing and calming effect that improves sleep quality and allows you to wake up refreshed.

Article Code : FL-238
Shape : Crescent Moon
Article Code : BS-602
Shape : Dolphin
Article Code :
Shape :  
Article Code : FL-207
Shape : Elephant
Article Code :
Shape :  
Article Code : FL-216
Shape : Hut
Article Code : FL-236
Shape :  Rugby

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